Here's an excerpt that struck me from the Tim Ferriss podcast.

[Maurice Ashley:] Like I said, my kids had won the national championships, my students. I was doing commentary, I was traveling the world, doing commentary. I’d written, I’d done a CD ROM by then. And it felt like I was doing everything that was just periphery, peripheral to what I really wanted to do. And I was basically letting her know that this was where my spirit was.

And she was the one who said, “Well, why don’t you just ask Dan?” And that didn’t even occur to me, even though he was just basically one degree of separation away. I said, “I don’t know. Okay. I guess.” And so I just did, and very quickly he said, “I love this. You’ve done so much for the kids, and for our organization, I’d be happy to support you.” And I feel like that’s an important thing to — when you have a dream, you’re not on an island, right? You’re not isolated. There are people around who will sense your sincerity, will sense your drive, will sense your determination, and sometimes it just comes together. And I feel very fortunate that this all happened for me.

But I feel like that’s happened to me at various points in my life. That a window opens because I’m manifesting out there that “This is what I want.” That a window opens because I’m manifesting out there that “This is what I want.”

The Tim Ferriss podcast

Italics added by me. I listened to this podcast last month and this part has been in my head ever since. These ideas combined with the 50 Cent biography I just read are pushing me to pursue my dreams more directly.