Marginal Revolution Books 2.0 is a side project of mine that I've been working on again for the past few days.

I added automatic updates (updates used to happen from my laptop when I ran them, which wasn't often.) Now the site is updated twice a day.

Today I added a local cache. Before, the list of books (almost 20MB) was downloaded fresh before first page render every time. Now that only happens on the first visit.

There's still plenty to do but the site is more or less useful now.

  • Searching and sorting the books by more than when the posts were published
  • Vastly reduce some unnecessary network traffic
  • Add some kind of explanation of what the site is, who I am, etc.
  • Add the books from before 2012 (I have them locally but there are various size limits working against me.)
  • Get rid of the "More Books" button at the bottom and replace it with something more elegant