We're not your average company, we're zany and fun! If you're thinking about applying, here's what you should know for the interview:

algorithms: you should have The Art of Computer Programming memorized
and be able to rewrite any code in there from memory in any of the top
100 most popular languages.

data structures: same as algorithms,
except you should be up to date on all published computer science
papers, all preprints on arXiv, and the data structures that will be
invented in the next 10 years that no one on Earth knows about yet.

operating systems: be able to turn a pile of resisters and a 9V battery
into a working Minix machine within an hour interview, with time for
resume questions at the beginning.

system design: know what tech
to replace SQL with when your app becomes as popular as Facebook,
without looking it up, since that's what people do in that situation.

behavioral: even though you've a grunt and have been cranking out CRUD
features for the past few years, make up some stories about how you
dreamed up and architected internal software projects from scratch that
made millions of dollars.

misc: you should be fluent in at least one language from each populated continent.

nice to have: you've pushed at least major legislative accomplishment
through Congress, medaled in the Olympics, written a New York Times
bestselling novel and/or made tenure at a major university.

Position pays $85,000 with 0.01% equity and applicant must relocate to San Francisco.