The buzzy app raised more than $5 million in seed funding last month. Where does it go from here?

For the last half-decade or so, astrology has seemed inescapable in certain circles of New York, even more so, I imagine, to the skeptics who couldn’t avoid it. Tech made it easy to distribute, and millennial dissatisfaction with more trenchant forms of spirituality made for many willing consumers (especially within queer communities). Co–Star and its push notifications cut through the noise, promising that every day was a new opportunity to become my better self—or at least better aligned with my rightful place in the cosmos. How’d it do that?

Coincidentally, this article was sent to *me* by "my most streetwear-literate, Bushwickian friend." The subject is so far outside my ordinary interests that I had to download and set up the app immediately, including texting mom to find out my birth time! The notifications have been fun so far.